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In order to build a quality and efficient solar installation, a detailed study of the terrain, where the panels will be installed is required to determine whether the customer’s investment will be cost-effective or not.

Based on the analysis we prepare a quotation including a suitable PV plant for the client’s needs – for self-consumption or commercial use – the time required to complete the project and a detailed report on the costs required to build the project as well as a pre-calculated income from the investment.


Once the plan is approved by the client, the project needs to be prepared. This is where our specialists with many years of experience in PV park engineering come into action.

They take care of the selection of the panels, their placement, and the choice of protective equipment. This way we guarantee high efficiency, safety and long life of the solar system.

Project documentation

If the planed photovoltaic plant has a capacity of less than 30 kW, it may be built without a technical project in an urban area on an existing building or other land area. In order to get a building permit for the photovoltaic installation, an application for building permit must be submitted to the municipality with the following documents:

  • visa – an application to the municipality for the issuance of a design visa for the photovoltaic plant – Art. 147, para. 1 and para. 2 of the Law on spatial planning.
  • statement from the relevant electricity distribution company – application to the regional electricity distribution company for a survey for connection to the electricity grid. Here it is necessary to provide additionally a deed for the land as well as an identity document.
  • statements from the structural engineer and the electrical engineer

After obtaining a building permit from the relevant municipality, an application is made for a contract with the electricity distribution company, as well as a contract for the sale of the electricity generated with the electricity supply company.

Construction and maintenance

Solar Universal Group has some of the best specialists in building photovoltaic parks. Because of the experience of our team, we guarantee quality performance within the time frame given in our initial quotation.

After putting into service, both the maintenance of the solar installation through scheduled technical services and the monitoring of its efficiency are very important. Via our monitoring system, we measure the amount of energy produced and evaluate the functionality of the PV plant. The monitoring system allows us to trace the source of a problem, if it occurs, and to schedule repairs as quickly as possible.


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