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At Solar Universal Group, we always strive to stay up to date with innovation and technological developments in our industry in order to achieve the best possible results in a project planning and execution.

detailed and qualitative consultation during the planning and finding of the suitable location for the construction of the solar installation. This guarantees our customers optimal electricity yield and, in this way, reducing the need of non-renewable sources.

We at Solar Universal Group see the future of our planet in green energy and try to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

зелена енергия
Why green energy?

Benefits of the solar energy


Solar energy is much better for the environment and does not contribute to the global warming because it does not emit harmful gases. It is also much cheaper than the traditional heating energy.

Long-term use

Easy installation

Green Energy

Safe investment

Different usage

Renewable energy

How do we work?

Working process


Solar Universal Group will accompany you all the way to the building a high efficiency solar system. Our service extends from a quality plan for maximum yield to installation and assistance with the project documentation.



Detailed field study and pre-calculation of solar installation revenue.


Planning and engineering

Solar Universal Group prepares a project proposal fully customized to the client's requirements and needs.


Project execution

Quality, prompt and correct execution of your project.

Some reasons to choose us

Why us?


Solar Universal Group has been investing in green energy and participating in projects, planning and building solar parks since 2011.

Because of our many years of experience in renewable energy and numerous of satisfied customers, Solar Universal Group is the right solar energy partner for you.


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